Money, Wealth and Power Hide the Truth

Cash is man’s answer for power and advance. It was concocted as a trade of merchandise for the god which is the birthplace of ‘x-change’ and it identifies with the cross. Men passed on crosses in desire of ascending to paradise with the sun at first light to end up Father Gods. To ‘wed’ Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, and prepare ‘her’ came to fruition after the begin of horticulture nearly 4,000 years prior. It is the begin of formal religions conceived of that city.

In the meantime the Spirit ‘seeded’ a gathering who were chosen to be the offspring of Israel. Given strict directions on the most proficient method to keep up their connection to the genuine God the icons and bogus lords of religion tried them. They were sentenced to torment and demise when they declined to take after the requests to venerate them. Their agony through the span of the day has brought revenge against the world.

Men who kicked the bucket on crosses were the ‘x-change’ as the cross transformed them into divine beings. Their bodies were devoured by their adherents in desire that their energy would be guzzled inside and the individuals who shared of it would be lifted somehow. This is as yet the case in religious ceremonies conceived of it as ‘fellowship’ is shared of in some of them.

The man on the cross was the ‘man in the eye’ or ‘man-I’ from whence come ‘cash’. He was additionally the ‘doll of the sun’, where ‘doll’ speaks to the hardened, dormant shape. The old term for sun is ‘or’ and ‘doll-or’ is the birthplace of ‘dollar’. After his demise he was ‘sent’ on his way up and ‘penny’ is another type of ‘cash’.

In a dream the light of the Mother God was appeared to me when the sunrise’s beams gone through a little opening and scattered. The rings of light that shape from such an occasion are wonderful. They are loaded with the hues utilized as a part of the Buddhist religion where the ‘circles’ are spun in a type of implore. The ‘hover of light’ is in ‘o-el’ which is the starting point of ‘oil’ which was utilized as a part of antiquated lights as lights.

The images and hints of the early dialects were appeared to me as those contained in them today, It is an entire record of how man thought and carried on when there were no recorded contents. Taken to this source the past can be perused like a book and this is the thing that the Spirit demonstrated me to do when it solicited me to expel the divider from visual deficiency that has conveyed the world to its present state.

My resurrection is evidence that paradise and damnation are myths conceived of sun venerate. It isn’t sufficient to tell the world that as the proof must be delivered to demonstrate it. That is the place the Spirit drove me to reveal the past with the goal that its quality can be viewed as the genuine God.

‘B-el’ signifies ‘bearing god’ or ‘conceived a divine being’ and it is in related words like ‘b-al’, ‘b-o-l’, and ‘bull’. The bull in the eye of energy is ‘bul-I-on’ or ‘bullion’ which is the premise of the money related framework. ‘Bulls’ still speak to divine beings as they are continually battled against by men who test their quality against the power.

The genuine power, in any case, is the Spirit of the Universe and those connected to it are remunerated as mending supernatural occurrences and peace is showered over them (Ezekiel 39:29). Cash and riches demolish that connection and convey the individuals who look for it to an end as we are in the most recent days. Everybody is back and they are judged by where they look for their energy and the divine beings they venerate. The money related frameworks are on the very edge of fall and they are being wrecked on the grounds that they are only imprudence in God’s eyes.